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catswhiskas | 11:03 Sat 11th Sep 2021 | Body & Soul
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My husband 5 days ago had very bad diarrhea, we are on holiday in Pafos, he thought it was perhaps a bit of food poisoning, it was quite bad and he was sick as well, 4 days down the line, the sickness has stopped and he bought the equivalent of imodium from the chemist, today the diarrhea is still quite bad, no stomach cramps, what is the best thing to do , we are not home for another 10 days


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Bottled water. Bananas tea no milk plain boiled rice, 7up. No fruit
Plain cooked fish boiled potatoes
If no better after 2 more days doctor. If any blood in stool doctor
See a local GP as it may well be a gut infection.
Also there is the fact of rehydration which depending upon its severity will need correcting.
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It is bright orange, no blood, the imodium stops it but when he does go it is just the same, will try the food you recommend
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Thank you , will see how it goes and let you know what happens
See if you can get the equivalent of Dioralyte which is always recommended if you have diarrhoea, as it replaces the loss of water and body salts. Comes in sachets that you mix with water.
Flattened full fat Coca Cola for rehydration and replacing nutrients he is losing via the obvious
That is what I was always told
Forgot to add
Diarrhoea can be hereditary

Because it runs in your jeans (genes)
Boom boom

Too hard to resist
Hope that raised a laugh to take your mind off the current situation
The caffeine in coke is not good for diarrhoea.
It's a symptom of covid.
Don't think bananas are a good idea at all...
I thought bananas were binding. They also replace lost potassium.
I think bananas are a good idea. They contain Potassium, electrolytes and fibre.
What is there not to like?
I always thought bananas were a fruit.
^re bananas. I know that older people in care homes and hospital are sometimes recommended to eat bananas to help with constipation - hence my comment.
However, I see that bananas are recommended for both constipation AND it's up to you!
Bananas are herbs.
Not according to Wikipedia.
Bottled water, sugar sachet or flat 7UP and a packet of ready salted crisps, to replace the salts.
Had a similar experience 30+ years ago in Portugal.

The locals advised that it was 'something going about' but was not harmful so enjoy my holiday.

Did that and here I am today.

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