Sudden Weight Loss

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Barquentine | 16:25 Sun 29th Aug 2021 | Body & Soul
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An uncle has suddenly got very thin. He tells me he is eating normally and has no loss of appetite. He does have diabetes and takes tablets for that. The only other symptom is dizziness - especially when he stands up from sitting or lying down. He has had four check-ups but none have identified what the cause could be. Anyone any ideas? Thanks.


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Have the check ups included blood tests?

If he has no discomfort that's new or a change in bowel habits for example it may just be normal for him.
Some diabetes medication can cause weight loss especially in the first few weeks - has his medication changed recently?
Unexplained weight loss is very concerning and as Mamya says bloods would be the first thing to look at, followed by imaging if the bloods throw up anything concerning.

If it was a relative of mine, I would be pushing for closer inspection.
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Thanks everyone so far. I will ask him and find out.
Check also if he is getting confused or forgetful - he may think he's eating normally and regularly but isn't.
From what you have written, the symptoms would appear to be diabetes related in which I agree with barry.

Mamya check ups always include blood tests.

Is heading Insulin?

If he is feeling well,eating well, all check ups normal, then monitor the situation over the next 4 months.
////////He has had four check-ups but none have identified what the cause could be///////

What makes you think that the armchair medics of AB could offer a solution..or even a suggestion?
How old is your uncle? What does he actually eat? Is he Type 1 or Type 2 diabetic? I ask this because eating 'normally' does not necessarily mean eating healthy. Ask him to do a food diary and make sure he is having a balanced diet with plenty of protein and perhaps up his dairy products. Its not unusual for elderly people to drop weight, especially if they are not eating enough proteins. On the bright side, if he's had 4 check-ups already its likely to be anything serious.
^^^ NOT likely to be serious!

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Sudden Weight Loss

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