Sharp Broken Tooth!!

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Thisoldbird | 22:26 Sat 28th Aug 2021 | Body & Soul
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Help please.

I've lost what looks like a large piece from a back tooth. It had been filled long ago so now I have a piece of filling that feels as sharp as a needle catching the side of my tounge ..its very sore!!
Any ideas what I can do to get that point down.
I avoid the dentist at all cost but am also 24/7 carer for my husband..getting to a dentist isn't going to be easy if I can find an NHS one willing to work in it anyway, plus its bank holiday weekend.
I'd be grateful if anyone has an idea between now and Tuesday.


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Ring 111, they will direct you to an out of hours dentist.
Can anyone get to a chemist for you and see if they have a temporary filling kit?

You could then pack the tooth with the putty like stuff so it doesn't catch as much.
not a great answer but until you get help - could you put a little cottonwool at the edge so that it doesn't cut your tongue
Another trick is to buy some baby bel cheese and push a bit of the wax onto the sharp bit we tell patients to do this if they can't get to us to get some proper dental wax, this is mainly for children with a sharp edge on their braces.
Handy tip Webbo.
This has happened to me numerous times over the years, and I have just filed the pointed bit off with a small file and sort of rounded it off.
I’ve got a back tooth with very sharp edge. I use a nail file or abrasive board to dull the edge. I’ve been doing this about ten times now. It works.
I've filed sharp edges too but beware of fillings if its a metal file! Webbos idea sounds a good one, I'll try that if I have the need.
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Thank you all.

I got a tooth repair kit but have found it difficult to get to.
Tried filing with an Emery board..not much improvement.
I'll have to organise a dentist appointment asap. I dread going always have..
chrissakes - go and see a dentist
you may have to pay ( you know like Tescos or Lidl or B and Q)
Question Author
Excuse me Peter Pedant, who said anything about paying, or not!!
No need to be so rude.

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Sharp Broken Tooth!!

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