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rockyracoon | 12:05 Fri 27th Aug 2021 | Body & Soul
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Since around April time, I have had a really annoying thirst. I drink between 7 and 8 litres of fluid a day (probably a bit more sometimes). The doctor ran blood tests expecting diabetes to throw up, it didn't, so she asked me to do a fluid balance test for 48 hours, which I did, it seems I'm urinating pretty much what I'm drinking. She referred me to endocrinology but the wait for an appointment is ludicrous.

I wasn't convinced by the diabetes test result so I ordered a HbA1c to do at home, the results came back showing normal, so I can really rule out diabetes.

Anyone have any experience of this? I've looked on NHS website and a couple of things crop up, hyperparathyroidism and hypercalaemia. I do have a few other symptoms to match these. If I do have one of the above, what are the consequences of leaving it untreated whilst I wait for an appointment to diagnose?


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You are not diabetic.
Hyperparathyroidism and hypercalcaemia are uncommon and would have shown up on the I initial blood tests.

Are you taking any medication?
diabetes insipidus maybe?
8 litres of water is over 1. 76 gallons, how on earth can you drink that much water?
Question Author
No medication at all. Menopausal though.
Question Author
Total fluid. It includes tea etc
danny.........easily if there is something wrong.....that is why she is seeing an Endocrinologist, to find out
Your answer will emerge after Endocrinology consultation.
No harm will be done until then.
what is the wait for an appt rocky?
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Danny. I take a litre of water to bed with me and it's gone by the morning. When I get up, I drink another litre and a cup of tea. That's before 6.30am The rest of the day is me drinking a lot. It's dulled my appetite to an extreme where I'm starting to loose weight.

Should I be worried about diabetes insipidus? Is there a private test like HbAic that I can take to rule it in/out?
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Bednobs, the GP sent through an urgent referral, but no appointment as yet. I found the referal on my NHS app and it told me that they should have been in touch by 20 July and to call if not. I called, they said no appointments, I'll have to wait.
rocky..........stop prodding about, this is not something for the "armchair amateur. "
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'Your answer will emerge after Endocrinology consultation.
No harm will be done until then.'

Thanks Sqad. I hope it's not too long to wait as my sleep pattern is bad. I rarely get more than an hour and a half to 2 hours as I'm up peeing due to the 2 litres I drink in the evening.

I feel like an alcoholic when I'm around a tap. :o)
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'rocky..........stop prodding about, this is not something for the "armchair amateur. "

I know, I know, but I am a bit anxious. Even going out for the day presents problems at the moment as I need to know I can get to use a loo.
Apologies if this is a daft question but are you sure you are thirsty and not suffering from a dry mouth?
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I'm not sure to be honest. I do have severe dry mouth. Sometimes my lips are completely stuck together when I wake up in the night.
Is the inside of your nose dry or uncomfortable? Do you get nosebleeds?

Do you suffer with dry/gritty eyes?
Are you thinking of this Barry?
Yes, pasta.
I've known a few people with it...all slightly different symptoms.

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