Slipped Discs

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Khandro | 13:07 Mon 02nd Aug 2021 | Body & Soul
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Whatever happened to them ? In times passed, everybody seemed to have one.


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Health and Safety.
Discs don't "slip"...they "herniate"...and are called (surprise) herniated discs. I've had two back surgeries to improve them (and narrowly escaped a third).
Khandro.......10 -15 years ago anyone who had severe back pain was diagnosed as a " slipped disc" because it was diagnosed on clinical history and examination.
Enter MRI scans and they showed fewer people had indeed slipped discs and had been misdiagnosed.

But they are still around -;)
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Thank you sqad, I remembered it this morning when I received a severe pain while lifting three crates of beer into the back of my car.

Did you know btw, that the world has The Beatles to thank for the discovery of MRI scanning ?
I didn't Khandro........tell me more.
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In his book; Scattered Limbs, User Recommendation

Dr Iain Bamforth writes an anecdote entitled, Money (That's What I want).
"Profits from the Beatles records in the late 1960s were so substantial that EMI (Electrical and Musical Industries) was able over 4 years to fund Godfrey Hounsfield's attempts to develop a computed tomography compound (CT) scanner at its labs in Hayes Middlesex. The original 1971 prototype took 160 parallel readings each one degree apart ...... etc. etc. "

He then goes on to explain the process in full.

Finishing; " It was based on the fact that we are to a remarkable extent living structures in which water & air have been organised & partitioned".
Interesting Khandro, very interesting, that I didn't know.
Much appreciated.

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Slipped Discs

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