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Ceen | 18:59 Sat 31st Jul 2021 | Body & Soul
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Hi, I'm 18 and I recently graduated from high school. I have applied to a few universities and if I'm being honest I hope I get rejected, because I don't want to go to university, I am so tired of studying what I don't want to and doing what I don't want to. I wish to study computer science myself, my own way. not at uni. but I know my parents won't understand this cuz they want me to get a degree, I want my dreams to come alive my own way, I don't want to do it their way, the stress and pressure of studying in an environment like that is just frustrating to me at time. I wish I could go away and sit behind my computer for days just working on my own projects but I can't. I don't know what to do, I'm lost. how do I do this and get it done my way, I don't know.


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How do you plan to support yourself in order to achieve your ambitions?
Get a job, then your evenings and day off can be spent anyway you like.
Plenty of job opportunities in England for computer geeks in firms.
My gt-nephew is one. I think he is mad not to do computer science of math at uni. but is not keen. As in he wont.
and I cheerfully pay for extra courses, which he does quite well at.

I blame his education. The school has churned out someone ( whole classes actually) who want to do computers but shy away from the maths behind it all.
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All I have some money saved up, that I can invest into my ideas, but my parents are probably not gonna let me do my own stuff my own way, I want you devote my entire time to these things.
Well then if you have sufficient money saved you can move out into your own place and please yourself. Welcome to the world of the adult. :0)
Do what my daughter did and take 2 years off. She'd had a difficult time, and like you was willing or ready for more study. Instead she worked and did some traveling. It gave her time to decide what she really wanted to do. Her father wasn't too happy...I felt she needed to do things in her own time.
She ended up getting a PhD...with time out in the middle after her Masters, again to determine what path to take.
You are 18, seem to know what you want,and are old enough to make your own decisions about your future. Take your time and don't get forced into doing something you don't want to do or are not ready for.
Search for colleges/universities that offer the course you want to do as an online option. They do exist.

Not sure by your use of high school if you are in the UK - here its normally referred to as secondary.

Best place in the UK to search all colleges/universities at the same time is the UCAS website.
Tuvok, we have High schools here. Usually the girls' equivalent of grammar schools.
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Thank you all for your answers, I appreciate all of you. I have done the UK system for high school. A levels ofcourse. some issues have been cleared after your responses, I would like more advice from others still. but thank you till now, it's been fairly helpful
In Scotland its secondary - and these can be called Academy, High School or Grammer - but they are all secondary schools.
Having done time out in the sixties
1968-70 - I worked as a lab rat in Porton Down,
Subsistence wages - £32 a month and all you do is work and live.
Lodgings £7 a week - yes working 8 h a day for £4 spending money a month

I cant imagine things are better now
You may need to do the experiment

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