Oxygen Generator Machine

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Ric.ror | 07:56 Fri 30th Jul 2021 | Body & Soul
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Portable Oxygen Concentrator, 1-2L/min Adjustable Air Purifier Oxygen Generator Machine for Travel Use with Car Adapter User Recommendation

I would be interested in anyone’s thoughts or opinions on this. I have been thinking of getting one to aid with a number of things including helping to increase levels after exercise


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not an answer..soz but who is the wee bundle of joy in your avatar ?
For yourself? Oxygen in a prescription medicine in healthcare. I don't really get what you want to use it for if you are having problems with breathing see someone medical. If you are not, why would you want it?even the description indicates it's for people who are already prescribed oxygen
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Murray - the avatar picture is one of my grandsons - I was actually just thinking of changing it as he is quite a lot bigger now (bonfire night baby hence why I wanted to call him Guido)
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Bednobs - I’ll get back to you when I find the article on the benefits of pure oxygen
aww sweet..happy memories

I have seen some articles tho that say there of no medical benefit and carry some danger's. Best to see GP if theres a problem. May be more to do with lack of iron??
An excellent idea for travel if you have medical conditions which necessitate monitoring of blood O2 levels e,g CPOD or Congestive Cardiac Failure, but cannot see any advantages to the everyday life of a normal person.
I agree with the above posters.
Sqad, are you agreeing with Bob's post at 08.39?
Seems fine dannyk13 if your prescribed it by a health professional , eg if you have COPD which I think you do,
but there are some side effects to be aware of, and some risks like fire to be aware of . No real benefits in other cases although people will try to sell you one and convince you its going to help.
another article here, from US
Thanks Bob,yes I have COPD but not quite at the need oxygen therapy stage yet.

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Oxygen Generator Machine

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