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jennyjoan | 10:34 Tue 27th Jul 2021 | Body & Soul
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Could u please convert 7.3 finger prick to doctor reading


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Oops! It is 54
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Thanks barry . Nurse told two weeks ago to be very concerned as i was 60 she gtold me i wi ll lose my sight lose limbs i have appt today

I am on ipad forgive mistakes
Sorry again! It is definitely 131.4
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Oh right sdhe was near enough

JJ, most diabetics don't go blind or lose limbs. It is a possibility.
Do you mean you are 60 years of age?
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I found diabetic calcilator confusing
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No 60 being doctor reading
Less than 140 is 'normal' and nothing to worry about but of course a finger prick test only tells you what your glucose level is at that precise moment.
It is your hb1ac reading that gives an accurate measurement of your blood glucose over a period of time
I think the 60 is your hba1c test and that is equivalent to a reading of 7.6
Ideally it would be below 42. This might help you understand it bettr
Make sure you understand what your nurse is saying. If you are confused about anything, tell her.
Ask her exactly what your readings should be and what they are and what that means to you.
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Thanks barry
How did you get on with the nurse, JJ?
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no time for questions, bloods were taken for testing of kidney, blood pressure then bye bye. blood pressure was high in right arm - she done it again and insisted on left arm and pressure was normal?

because I did only get blood taken for diabetes in June - she said the next test would be in Sept. The surgery was dead, shutters went up to let me in and down behind me as I was going in. Then up as I was going out. Many rooms with doors open and not a soul in them and just two receptionists. Hopefully won't be seeing them again, well until September. Thanks for asking Barry
Not a satisfactory appointment, then.
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Barry I also misunderstood my nurse when she phoned about 2 weeks ago - the reading was 65 rather than 60, could you convert that for me. Could you tell me how I can convert it myself - thanks
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thanks barry
7.3 is fine. For a non-diabetic person, a reading of between 4.0 and 7.0 is considered normal. For pre-diabetic, that might rise to 9.0, and for people with full-blown diabetes, anything up to 12.0 is nothing to worry about.

Amputation and blindness are VERY rare. You should be having annual foot tests to check that the circulation is good, even though there may be some tingling in the toes, and an annual eye test to check for diabetic retinopathy.

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