Muscle Twitching Long After Finishing Medication??

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joko | 12:48 Sat 24th Jul 2021 | Body & Soul
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i was on gabapentin for about 5 months, and i stopped because of the side effects - one of which was muscle twitching, it was like one sudden jerk, mostly of my arms/shoulders, but sometimes whole body ones

ive been off it now for about 9 months, and ive noticed that whenever im tired i start to twitch again.

its only when im really tired and my body feels like its sort of slowing down to sleep.
and sometimes when ive not long woke up and my body is still half asleep - but thats not as much.

when im up and about and awake it doesnt happen.

why is this happening? seems like an odd 'legacy'.

or is there some other cause i should check out?

thanks :)


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Almost certainly no big deal and certainly not if there are no underlying illness e.g stroke, epilepsy or other disorders.

Known as idiopathic myoclonus and nobody knows what causes it.
If inthe most unlikely scenario of it progresses to other muscle groups then seek medical consultation.

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Muscle Twitching Long After Finishing Medication??

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