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Vagus | 14:56 Tue 20th Jul 2021 | Body & Soul
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Anyone here suffer from angina?
How did it start...out of the blue, some symptoms getting worse, pain, a funny/odd heart rhythm, something else???


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No I don't.
But i know the symptoms.
My husband does. Had it for 25 yrs..

Not me, but my dad does. He had a heart attack aged 43 and needed a triple bypass at 53. He carries a spray for when he gets angina.
If you’re worried try to see your GP (good luck with that), phone 111 or go to A&E.
Wildly off-topic and apologies in advance, but:

Geordie's wife goes to see the doctor. When she came home Geordie asked what the doctor said was wrong with her.
She replied, "It was really weird. I listened to my chest then told me I had a canny fanny."

"What?" said Georide, enraged.
He storms up to the doctor's and asks, "What's aal this 'boot you tellin' wor lass she's got a canny fanny?"

Doctor replies, " I didn't tell her she's got a canny fanny, I told her she had acute angina."

I suffered from a horrible girlfriend named angina....sorry I meant Angela :-)
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It’s not me, it’s someone I know.
Ok Sqad, what are the symptoms (I’ve been on the nhs website)in your experience?
I’m keen to know how it starts, right from the first, smallest sign. Or if it always comes on suddenly as pain.
Thank for the answers so far.
Vagus :

Angina which is chest pain brought on by exercise or movement and has characteristic descriptions, varying from mild chest discomfort, often mistaken for indigestion tothefullblown picture of gripping persistent chest pain radiating into the neck (like toothache) to radiating down either arm..........that is ANGINA.

There are usually no diagnostic ECG changes unless you can dothe ECG during an attack .......which is unusual.
An ECG only picks up damage to the heart which is absent in angina. the 1970's the Cardiologists realised that one could have angina WITHOUT pain...unusual, very unusual, but itcan happen manifesting itself by breathlessness.

There are no other presenting features of angina which basically is a symptom rather than a disease.

I hope this has helped.
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Yes, thank you Sqad, it has helped and is also very interesting.

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