Do you beleive in Ghosts?

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Adampy | 23:28 Thu 08th Dec 2005 | Body & Soul
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Just watched the DVD of most haunted and was wondering what you thoughts were?


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Yes i do, i've seen things in my life that i cant explain and felt a strong presence at times. On one occaision, i felt something tug sharply on the back of my coat, i quikly looked round and i could see nothing there. I went as white as a sheet and have never forgot it.

Yes I do.

But then you read all the stories about Most Haunted, and how they alledgedly set up Derek Accorah.

Still wouldnt want to spend a night alone, or even with friends in a haunted house

Yes I do too!

I always believed in them but had nothing to validate it until I moved into this house... Playtime!!
hi adampy, I totallly believe in ghosts. I have seen at least 4 in my lifetime. Havent got a good story to tell though as when I saw them they just looked like regular people, on 3 occasions I only knew they were ghosts as they were there one minute then when I looked again they werent. On one occasion I was very young and it happened in the middle of the night so I may have been dreaming but I really dont think I was

Most Haunted is a complete farce and not genuine in the slightest, which doesn't mean it hasn't been entertaining from time to time.

Derek Acorah has recently been shown up as a fake when in two separate shows he was 'possessed' by characters called 'Rik Edeles' and 'Kreed Kafer'. These names had been given to a crew member by the sceptical parapsychologist Dr Ciaran O'Keeffe then passed to Del Boy. The characters are both anagrams, both containing the word 'Derek'...

I would like to think they are true.

I have never seen one but I like the idea of of it being true.

I would like to ask logman - how do you know that you went white as a sheet? Was there a mirror there?
I used to live in an apartment of an old house, at least 100 yrs old. One night as I was talking to my brother standing next to the old entrance door, I could have sworn that somebody put his hand on my shoulder. I turned around and of course there was nothing there, it was only me and my brother at home. I have felt someone touching me when I'm completely alone at home. Never seen a transparent figure, only shinig spots flying in the room, but that could be because of tiredness.

I would LOVE to believe in ghosts, but im such a sceptic.

i need to see it to believe it.

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I would love to see a ghost. I find it really intresting. I must admit though Most Haunted's Derek seems a fake, and lets not forget sam. Ah Sam, the ever present "intercom" between the worlds. I agree with wooo12> I need to see it to beleive it.
Has anyone been to one of these tourist places they call haunted where seemingly you can be touched by ghosts?
As I see it if Derek Accorah can speak to the dead for a living reletive then surely he be 100% accurate
Gulyasgirl: I too have felt as if someone touched my left shoulder but I never believed it was a ghost I think it more likely to be a muscle spasm
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Hopalong - Was that a reletive of yours? How did they find it. Is it like one would see on TV or totally different?
Adampy: I was making a general comment. My reletives didn't visit. All I menat was if Derek could speak to the dead then he would be 100% right
Some years ago following a particularly traumatic event in my life I was in the bathroom shaving. I bent forward to clean the razor and when I straightened and looked in the mirror I could see my dead grandfather standing behind me and could feel him offering me comfort and support. I keep an open mind on this event......was it a ghost? or just my mind playing tricks because of how I felt

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