Hair Dye Disaster

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sherby | 21:53 Thu 08th Dec 2005 | Body & Soul
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Naturally I have medium brown hair, and thought it might be fun to go blonde. It wasnt. Yesterday I used Garnier Belle Blone pre lightener and then a dark blond shade on top, which left me a really light ginger blonde colour and I hated it. So today I bought a chestnut brown colour and used Wella's shaders and toners in deep mahogony (because i heard plain brown could go greeney?) and Ive ended up like flaming red head. Was the toner a bad idea? Is dying my hair one more time going to kill it? Should I go for a dark bown or a medium brown this time? please help me!! (sorry for longness of post!)


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You really ought to leave it be now. When you do sort it I would suggest you get a hairdresser to do it! If moneys a bit tight go to your local college as it's bound to have a hairdressing course and they're always looking for models and they're ALWAYS supervised and it hardly costs anything!

Use a strong medicated shampoo and it will take a lot of the colour out. This is what I was told once when my hair went a bit wrong. I rang the helpline on the box. They told me not to try and put another dye over the top. Best of Luck!

vosene shampoo is great for stripping colour was your hair several times in that.
i ment wash not was sorry!
yep i would def go to a salon they will be able to strip your colour and put a semi permanent colour over the top to make it more normal. the semi permant colours that most salons use contain a lot of conditioners as well so will ment your hair a bit too. hope your ok and get it sorted out.

Go straight to the hairdressers and beg for forgiveness! I have light brown hair and dyed it black once and my hairdresser made me promise never to take my hair in my own hands again as she took close to four hours to get all the black out after the dye left my hair the colour of blotchy dark mud.

I have had many hair dying disater's Im the only one to walk around in a wooley hat in July!!!

But Fairy washing up liquid does calm it down, but you have to was it over and over again. I had to go to the Hairdressers and let them sort it out. Or maybe try a perment brown die try go to your original colour.

Mine usually goes Grene or pink!!!


I lived with a hairdresser for years and i've loads of experience in hair dye.

what I woudl do is

wash yr hair wiht a detoxing shampoo (even fairy liquid will do as it strips any excess colour off the hair shaft)

then use an intensive conditioner over night

then dye your hair wiht a permanent hair dye in the colour you want

don't do anyting to it for a couple of days then use an intensive conditioner or hot oil over night.

then really look after your hair.

it'll be fine and it will recover. don't worry.

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Hair Dye Disaster

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