bamboo hula hoops

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muppetcore | 21:39 Thu 08th Dec 2005 | Body & Soul
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i am from western canada and i hate plastic..but i love to hula hoop..does anybody out there know where i can find bamboo hula hoops.i am even willing to make it myself..


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I'am giving my age away now, but i remember the hula hoop craze back in the 50s. I remember wooden hoops but not bamboo/cain hoops. Later of course they got taken over by mass produced plastic, any colour you like.

I've just thought, could they have been made of split cain like the old fishing rods ? These days, i've not even seen them in rumage or car boot sales.

what a strange post

I thought it was a new flavour of Hula-Hoops !!

(sorry, muppetcore, there's a potato chip snack here in the UK called 'Hula-Hoops' - there are varieties like salt & vinegar, and beef flavour etc - It sounded like they were trying to tap into the panda market by producing a bamboo flavour!)

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bamboo hula hoops

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