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ummmm | 18:27 Mon 28th Jun 2021 | Body & Soul
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Anyone had it who lost their sense of taste and smell? My OH lost his and now, months later, it's returning. Now he's really struggling with food. Everything is too strong. Too spicy, too salty, over powering. He can't even handle pepper and he loved pepper.

Will his taste buds go back to normal eventually?

The only good thing about me is my cooking skills so it's horrible watching him struggle.


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yes it will go back but may be slow
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Good to know. He loves his food.
It may seem over powering to him due to the fact that he's been without taste for such a long time. I would think it will calm down in time.
Over a year now and I can just about taste really strong flavours, as a result I really use too much salt, and over spice my cooking. Coffee might as well be a milkshake but I can taste strong tea, I think it's more likely due to the loss of smell which is provided by slower to come back and very hit and miss.
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Hopefully his come back.
I work with a lady who lost her sense of smell due to a virus (pre covid!) years ago. It’s never come back. Although - there’s a few (limited) scents she can tell … amongst them cigarette smell and stale sweat.

The very few she’s able to detect are unpleasant unfortunately
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He bought some cans of beer from a small Asian shop and all he could smell was curry.

I was ill at the same time but I didn't lose my sense of smell or taste. I suffered with really bad headaches and complete exhaustion. I've never been so tired in my life, to the point where it's was really hard to function.

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