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MWG14 | 15:42 Thu 24th Jun 2021 | Body & Soul
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My wife was recently diagnosed with colitis. She finds it extremly painful & difficult to manage. She hasn't been able to see a GP face to face so hasn't been able to ask questions or seek advice.

Does anyone know if patients with this condition should avoid certain foods?


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In the first instance she should avoid foods she already knows irritate her condition and keep a food diary to discover any other culprits.

Small meals often are less likely to irritate than large platefuls.

They are websites and self help blogs for the condition and she may appreciate the chance to speak to others also suffering.

Probably best to use a reliable source of information, this the main UK group I think
Try contacting the Crohn and Colitis charity for advice and support;

If you google nhs ulcerative colitis you’ll find some information there about diet during a flare up. Basically it’s a low residue diet..white bread, cornflakes, white rice, etc.
She really should be able to speak to her GP, it’s not necessary to see him face to face, and perhaps ask for a referral to the gastro team, they usually have an IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) nurse there, at the end of the phone, who will be able to help. The GP should have that telephone number.
I think that we may well be in a bit of trouble here MWG as I really don't know what we (me) are really dealing with.
What investigations has she had and more particularly has she seen a GastroEnterologist and had an endoscopy?
I don't like the diagnosis as it stands with the informed given and would prefer to say no more at the moment.
Also, who and how did she get her diagnosis? Was she not given any advice then? Is she on any treatment like biologics, prednisolone, suppositories?
The IBD nurses are great, she really needs to speak to one of them. Good luck.
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She will have the colonoscopy in mid-July. Her ‘poo’ test was positive for colitis. After a colonoscopy about 5yrs ago, she was diagnosed with diverticula disease.
The poo test (faecal calprotectin) shows inflammation in the bowel which can be caused by a few things.
Best bet is to wait for the colonoscopy results and the gastro team to determine the way forward.
In the meantime, as I mentioned previously, a low residue diet can help.
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Many thanks to all of you.
I had UC for many years and have managed to get rid of it. I did this by taking the York Test to find out what food I was intolerant to. Then I cut that out of my diet. I also started fasting to give my system a rest. I did a long 5 day fast, and I believe that doing this re-set my immune system, and recycled some of the damaged cells. It wasn't instant, but a gradual improvement. At my last colonoscopy they sent me away because my colon was normal. I had to prove that I had indeed had UC by getting my old medical records and showing the specialist. He said that he had never seen this happen in his whole career. I also- and I'm not suggesting you do this- stopped taking the medication. It made my diarrhoea much worse, and they had nothing else to offer me, so I just didn't take anything for it.
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This is indeed a heartening story. Thank you so much for giving my wife some hope.

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