Covid After Vaccine

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Thisoldbird | 17:36 Tue 15th Jun 2021 | Body & Soul
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I wonder how many have caught Covid AFTER having both Vaccine plus, a what ages?

I heard today of a 'young' person who has had both vaccine but has tested positive.


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The vaccine won't stop you catching Covid but will greatly reduce the effects. That is why we must continue to wear masks, the vaccinated can still pass it on
// The vaccine won't stop you catching Covid but will greatly reduce the effects.//
er yes it will
there is a lot of ignorance and making up answers going around

of the 8000 consecutive cases in Darwen, 3 had had double vacca.

will the vaccine work? is a no-brainer with figures like this
the other complete ya ya is
covid vaccine wont stop carrying covid

yes it does - dont where they got that idea from.
easy - vacca 5000 and then swab a few weeks later....
carriage rate hardly detectable

thing is - vacca has ALWAYS abolished carrier status - so I have no idea where this came from
My grandfather was cremated and his ashes scattered to the winds. But unfortunately his ashes have contracted COVID and we have to gather him up for isolation. If you get a bit of grandad in your eye let me know.
No doubt if they are a few, the BBC will manage to find them and make headline news of it and it will be "terrifying".

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Covid After Vaccine

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