Long Shot - Do We Have Anybody Here With A Knowledge Of Pcr Tests In Portugal

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DTCwordfan | 16:56 Fri 11th Jun 2021 | Body & Soul
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Just wondering if AB has anybody out in Portugal or who has been and knows of any centre where one can get tested for Covid for daughter and bf are out in Lisbon at the moment.....they arrived the day before the announcement that Portugal was going amber.



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Hi Website for Lisbon area Covid tests CEDOC. Not sure how far in advance you have to book. Also being done at the airport. For the Algarve there is a list of all labs, private clinics and council run testing sites. Appointment necessary and there have been lots of people wanting them especially last week when we went back on the amber list. Will try to find out more
ANA aeroportas de portugal. Airport website

Covid19min-saude.ptinfoedpcc. Health service web site to book test but is in portugeuse
Hospital da Luz is offering drive through tests with results in 24 hours. You have to book. Website has English translation.
Book at hospitaldaluz.ptlisboa

Hope some help with these answers. In the Algarve lots of labs are offering the tests but I don't know Lisbon ones. Chemists and supermarkets are selling self test kits. Any chemist shoul be able to advise where to go for test
You could also try. medical They also offer home testing and website is in english
what did she plan to do when it was a green list country? You still have to have a test before you arrive in England - she should just carry on with whatever her plans were when she went?
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thanks all and Chris... have e-mailed her.

bedknobs, when she left there wasn't the 'panic' on as it was pre-amber, though I accept that she knew that there was some risk and, personally, I wouldn't have gone if there was chance of deferring tickets etc.

However, they are students though her bf is also an (older) NHS data-miner as well as reading for an MSc.

They are due to leave on the 22nd so there is some more time yet to get this sorted...however, she's freaking out about her cat as her housemate is due to leave for the States (though can she?) and her best friend back to London for the summer. It does make me wonder if there are any ABers in the central (west/Uni area) who could drop by once or twice a day to check on her 'Porsche' (the cat), as from here in Cornwall to Leeds - well..and I am chasing down a new job.

Thanks all for anything constructive.
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this is Central Leeds by the way - she's a student at one of the Leeds Unis...and lives just under the main residential complex in a house....
She should book her test as early as possible for the date she needs it. All labs and test centres are reporting they are very busy.
sorry, you made it sound like it was because the country had changed colour that she had to have a test - just pointing out she would have had to anyway even on green, and she can probably just carry on with whatever her previous plans were for testing, rather than pnicking - the previous arrangements she made are likely to still be valid.
If she didnt have any previous plans, it's a bit off for her to be lumping it on you to help her sort it out at such a remove (although i note she's young - what else are parents for if not to bail you out :))
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true, bedknobs, I'll ask her what she was planning.
ps i would go to the cat if i could but im in hants!
If she can't find someone to help, there are professional pet sitters (sure there must be some with the relevant checks) that can go and look after the cat at her home, if the flatmates could arrange to hand over a key and make sure there is plenty of cat food in. Is puss insured in case there is need of any medical attention when she's not there?

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Long Shot - Do We Have Anybody Here With A Knowledge Of Pcr Tests In Portugal

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