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HFJL2020 | 21:29 Wed 09th Jun 2021 | Body & Soul
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my pal has a painful right buttock having .xray soon he is wondering what they are looking for what is the cause of this complaint..he is 78


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If anyone knew what the cause of the pain was without needing to carry out an X-ray, your friend wouldn't need the X-ray.

Some of the most common causes of buttock pain are listed here:

Sciatica is probably the most common of all. You've suggested another one (arthritis) is the title of your post. My friend, who is also 78, is currently recovering from a very bad period of intense pain in that area though, aided by a lot of physiotherapy. The cause of his problem was related to problems with the discs in his spine, which required an MRI scan to produce a definitive diagnosis for him.
Can't add much to what Buen said, except that if it were an arthritic hip requiring replacement your friend would have pain coming from the outside of his knee to the inside. Sounds more like sciatic pain to me - but the X-ray should solve it.

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