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jennyjoan | 21:09 Wed 09th Jun 2021 | Body & Soul
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Hi Sqad. Remember you told me that I had a haematoma, well I got to see dentist last Tuesday week ago.

He told me it was a gumboil and an infection between the tooth and gum. Last January when I got two of my right back teeth removed - he did say the left wasn't good and this is where the boil is.

He gave me an antiseptic mouthwash and did say it would take another 2 weeks for it to go away but would always crop up over the years.

I do have serious gum disease and I am just wondering if this thing doesn't go away I will have to get another two teeth removed which I would seriously dread.

That last time in Jan - I did ask him for loads of numbness which he did but I ended up shaking and shaking from top to toe - it felt like a seizure. People will say I was nervous but it was the anaesthetic. Sorry for this being long-winded.

Do you think the blister/boil will go down.


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You probably had a reaction to the anaesthetic. If you do need another extraction it might be worth asking if he can use anything different and maybe a Valium as well
If that was the diagnosis and zi have no reason to doubt it, then the swelling should settle within the next two weeks.
final para but one
sounds like an ineadvertent partial IV

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eh Peter Pedant, what does that mean

Thanks Cal and Sqad for answers.
Glad you asked Peter that JJ, I was trying to fathom out what he meant too.
Accidental overdose of anaesthetic I think
It means that some of the anaesthetic inadvertently found its way into a vein thus causing the reaction.
Thanks both.
Dental local anaesthesia contains adrenaline. In your dentists efforts to ensure you were numb, you may have had a little too much + what sqad has posted. It’s finding the balance .
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Anne is right. I did only get local numbing anaesthetic but because of pain in pulling two teeth top and bottom - I kept asking for more, BUT
at one stage - he sorta "forgot" (I felt) - cos I asked the dentist assistant - where is he and he was over on the other side of room on his computer. When I asked - he then came scuttling over saying - sorry sorry - then two teeth were out.

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