Squad, Bursitis Up Date

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Vagus | 13:57 Wed 26th May 2021 | Body & Soul
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It’s been getting progressively more painful so had a telephone consultation this morning with GP. He wants to rule out any hip joint bone problem so was putting me through for an X-ray, marked urgent.
Low and behold, just had a call from hospital and now have an X-ray arranged for Friday efficient is that?
I’m to get in touch with GP in a week or so and have a face to face with him at the surgery, where, hopefully, all that will be required is a cortisone injection (which can go ahead now as COVID is less rampant and I’m fully jabbed up) into the bursa. Both he and I still think it is bursitis but he wants to make sure he’s not missing something.
Thought you’d like to know :)


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I would indeed my precious.
Thank you.
Question Author
Ooh err... ;)
Apologies too, I spelled your name wrong.

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Squad, Bursitis Up Date

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