Concerning Mole. Private Clinic Want Urgent Referral, Nhs Not Bothered.

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DonaldDuck92 | 19:58 Tue 25th May 2021 | Body & Soul
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I had a mole scan done privately last month which flagged a mole that needed monitoring at three monthly intervals and another mole that required an urgent referral (within two weeks) to a consultant as it was flagged as pre-malignant.

Rather than seeing a private consultant which would have been costly I got an NHS referral. The NHS consultant said he wasn't that concerned and packed me off and asked me to come back in four months to review it again.

The private consultant made this sound like a cause for concern. Is this a case of them seeing a $£ opportunity and being overly cautious. Or should I be pushing back on the NHS consultant to be a bit more concerned?

It's a bit confusing.


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It must be confusing for you.
It, like many aspects in the medical world is just a matter of opinion.
It is your choice as to what advice you take.
Me? I would go Private as I can afford it, but if you can't afford it, then you have little choice.
I have a small mole on my back, around 12mm in diameter.

Many years ago my G.P. took a look at the mole and suggested I take a photo of the mole with a ruler in shot – by doing this I could observe any change in size/colour/shape of the mole (over time) that might indicate medical intervention is required. I suggest you do the same.
Having had recent experience of this, I would trust what the NHS consultant told you.
I, too, would trust the NHS
If it bothers you too much. Takes sqads advice. Otherwise trust the NHS consultant. Personally I have a large mole that came with age on my arm. I ignore it.
^ why would you go private if it worries you?
Because seeing someone privately might be preferable to waiting and worrying for 4 months?
If you hadn't paid for the private scan you wouldn't be worried and would be reassured by the NHS consultant.

Take Hymie's advice and take a meaningful photo so you can compare in a few weeks.
My daughter had a mole removed some years ago, it wasn't concerning the dr but was in an awkward place and kept getting caught. The doctor did a mole map which daughter refers to.

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Concerning Mole. Private Clinic Want Urgent Referral, Nhs Not Bothered.

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