Mum Not Eaten Or Drunk For 4 Days

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DarceyK123 | 21:16 Sat 22nd May 2021 | Body & Soul
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Mum 84, has recently come home from hospital after fracturing her hip and having a half hip replacement.

She was ok for a week or so but over the past 4 days she is refusing to eat as it makes her feel sick and has only a few sips of juice.

Myself or the nurse cannot get her up, she point blank refuses saying shes too scared and just wants to die anyway. Doctor has sent over anti sickness tablets but she says they dont work.

Really at my witts end, she spends all day lying on the daybed we have for her but when i try to go to bed at night,

as im exhausted, within 2 hours shes shouting for me, so i settle her down, go back to bed and the whole cycle starts again.

Really dont know what to do. How long can she go without food and drink for before she becomes ill again? She had Covid in January also which has taken its toll.

Have spoken to our GP a couple of times who just says if she feels that bad send her back to to hospital, but she refuses to go.

The Nurse comes in most days and says her vital signs are ok.


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I agree with APG. So hard for you. Just let her know you love her. X
It may appears your mum has had enough of life. You may have to manage the situation without damaging your own health. Be kind and look after her but respect her own wishes.
Question Author
Thank you all for your support, she has had a couple of cups of tea so maybe that will help (is that enough sqad?) but im just letting her do what she wants.
Darcey, you are doing just fine.
Question Author
Aww, thanks Sqad but will 2 cups of tea keep her going a bit longer or is she still on the decline do you think?
The next 48 hours will give us a better idea, but keep on with what you are doing. If you can increase her fluid intake, then do so, but if you can't, then don't beat yourself up.
Darcy you're doing a wonderful job.
Thinking of you Darcey
Question Author
Just a quick update for you lovely people who are interested.
Mum is eating a little and drinking a little and is a little brighter so we are just taking it one day at a time. X
that's all you can do, take care....
Feedback much appreciated.
That is good news.
Glad to hear she is eating and drinking a little more now.
That's great news Darcey. Take care x
Good news, darcey- best wishes to you both xx
So pleased that your Mum has picked up a bit, well done you.
Good News Darcy, hope your mum contiues to improve.
Long may it continue Darcy. Well done both of you. x
Best wishes darcey for taking care of your mum .
You’re doing a wonderful job, darcey. Much love to you. X

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Mum Not Eaten Or Drunk For 4 Days

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