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Sqad | 14:16 Sat 22nd May 2021 | Body & Soul
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European Song Contest.
Our entry: a dreadful song presented to the audiences throughout the world by an overweight, grubby looking, hirsute , unwashed individual.
We will be lucky to come last.


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you surely don't think we would win, i haven't watched it for years and years,.
Question Author
Yes, yes, wrong was an error on my part.
Question Author
emmie.......with that chance.
Never any chance. I'm amazed we still enter it.
no worries about that, most of this is tripe in my humblest opinion, we never win, the odds are stacked against us from the start.
it doesnt make a difference what he looks like. we'd lose if it was sung by princess grace of monaco
I don't know where they dig them up from Sqad, certainly first impressions is out the window.
Just for the sake of nostalgia, Sqad ;)

Heh. I don't think he's unwashed Sqad. And seems like a nice lad.

But I think what's happened is that we've done so badly in latter years that we now send something rubbish so that we can laugh when we come last and pretend that it's all a joke to us anyway. Because obviously we are far superior to the rest anyway.

Now that would be a miracle .
My post to bednobs .
anne, lol, that would be car-crash-television :(
Oh no......... harsh !!!
Actually, it's not too bad and he's a likeable chap.

Since when has having a beard been an issue?
Obviously we won't win, that's a forgone conclusion.

It''s an ideal Eurovision song and I like James too, just enjoy the fun of the show.
Question Author least they looked presentable.
I do miss Terry Wogan's commentary
If anyone is annoyed by tactical voting, think on this.

When Abba played Waterloo in Brighton and won, how many points did the UK jury award them?
A lesson in good grooming, no less ;)
Ah, dear old Pearl Carr and Teddy Johnson, a real blast from the past. Teddy died three years ago and Pearl last year, both at the age of 99.

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