Cabin Fever

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Thisoldbird | 16:37 Fri 21st May 2021 | Body & Soul
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Lockdown 2020 wasn't all bad as the weather was pretty good.

My husband did get quite 88 not unexpected especially as his general health is pretty poor.
By Jan 2021 he is housebound lost 3 stone in weight and needs assistance with every move.
3 hospital admissions when Drs say there is nothing more they can do for him.. ..

In all time I too have become a cabbage stuck at home to be a full time carer..

I am desperate to get out of these 4 walls but I gave up my car end of last ywhen I knew i had become anxious on the road.

So many agency carers in and out to help care for my husband but little or no help to enable me a little seems my life has ended but for pottering about at home.

I'm no spring chicken at 83 with chronic arthritis. It's hard being a full time carer at this age.

Anyone thing of some answer how I might tackle this problem.

I know I must be one of many..


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You never know tob, he may welcome a break from you in a care home for a bit. THere is stuff going on that may stimulate him, carers who are usually the same and can get to know him. You can go back to being his wife rather than his carer for a bit. I have worked in the care sector most of my life and have seen people who really look forward to their respite.

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Cabin Fever

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