Lump On Gum

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jennyjoan | 16:14 Fri 21st May 2021 | Body & Soul
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Last Tuesday when I was cleaning my teeth I thought I was cleaning too hard and a lump came up on the outside gum.

I have put my tongue there and it is still there. I had been hoping that after 4 days it would have subsided.

Would anybody know how long I should wait to go back to my dentist.


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If its an abscess then straightaway. You may need antibiotics.
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I don't think it is an abscess as it is quite painless.
No big deal.
Probably a submucosal haematoma ( clumsy brushing) and will go away.
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thank u
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have an appointment with dentist private - the lump has gotten hard and uncomfortable so I'm hoping he doesn't have to drain it or anything. Just would like it to go it away on its own. But I do have dreadful gum disease.

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Lump On Gum

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