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237SJ | 21:03 Sun 09th May 2021 | Body & Soul
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Has anyone here got any positive experiences? Please don't tell me of God awful experiences of people who have died etc as I don't need to hear that at the moment. Have you had melanomas removed, been OK etc


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I think that 237 is referring to a malignant melanoma, but please forgive me if I am wrong.
A friend has been treated successfully about 8 years ago

nephew in law - NZ - actinic melanoma, ear reconstructed
really well
( it looked like an ear afterwards)
Back in my teaching days, my colleague had a small melanoma removed, which (to the best of my knowledge) effected a complete cure. He had occasional check-ups over the next few years and was then given the all-clear.
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I know 4 people who have died of it, and 6 people who have survived it. I`m having an atypical mole removed on Tuesday (*** myself)
Are you going private?? I have a large mole, growing on my back and my GP will not refer me to hospital and tells me I have to get it removed myself.
I am still not sure to what hymn sheet we are all singing, so I will politely leave it to others.
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No, it's through the NHS. It will be exactly 2 weeks from spotting it to getting it removed
It's understandable to be scared of the unknown, despite knowing it changes nothing.

Yes, I know people who had recovered well from such removal.

Best wishes 237.
I have what 'could' be a melanoma under my eye saw GP Monday and referral letter arrived Thursday for an appointment on Tuesday to check it out. Fingers crossed - Good luck 237SJ
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Sqad - I don't really understand what you mean about singing from the same hymn sheet but never mind

"Have you had melanomas removed, been OK etc"

Is your question relating to benign melanomas or malignant melanomas?
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According to the dermatolgists these days Melanoma is malignant melanoma. I don't think there is any other kind
LOL....well that answers that.......

If this is any help, if 200 people had one suspicious mole only one would be a malignant melanoma.
Now if all the malignant melanomas were treated at an early stage, then 95% would still be alive after 5 years.
Yes I have seen many people with moles and malignant melanomas.
I hope my answer is of some help.

if it taken early you can expect a normal life span
keep hopeful
I believe the average person can have an average of 40 moles somewhere on the body, I have loads, some very big some not so, I tend not to bother. My mum is a hundred years old and has also got loads some VERY BIG. Wish I could grow mushrooms as quick. :0)
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Thank you Peter x
It's MUCH more likely to be a benign compound naevus than a malignant melanoma.

237 I know just how you feel as I felt the same when I was diagnosed with lung cancer in the autumn of 2019.
It was sorted and I'm still here. So good luck to you;-)) xx
I know several people - and all treated successfully. x

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