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allenlondon | 08:53 Tue 04th May 2021 | Body & Soul
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Does anyone sell ZIP-up cast protectors?

With one false leg, I’m finding it a major problem getting a conventional pull-on protector over the ‘good’ leg, but a zip would help.


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Try "healthcareuk" they have a picture of a black one with zip
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Any other name? Google doesn’t show result. Ta
morning Allen, hope you are ok?
it may help if you tell us what you need to protect and what from. Are you expecting full immersion of full leg? Or need to be showerproof for half a leg. Are you protecting a small dressing (in which case there may be another way round it)
I have the limbo type protectors but they are such an enormous faff to get on and off that sometimes i just stick my leg out of the shower (or put off having one!)
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Lower leg, foot to ankle. Toe amputation, dressing round foot and ankle, including vac.pump.

(How AM I? Ta for asking, Bednobs - not great! Foot hurts to walk on. Mrs A can scarcely walk, too. We try, but I feel we’re going downhill).

allen.....the answers provided are more appropriate than I can offer, but as s sideline, Mrs A had a spell in hospital for forced or induced diuresis to get rid of her leg fluid which was impairing her mobility.
How did that go?
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Sqad. She lost 27 (!) kg in fluid, but they couldn’t fix her leaking heart valve.

She still has 15kg of fluid in her abdomen which they intend to drain off.

Thanks for asking!
OK.....well worth it then.
well neoprene won't be any good if you need the vac pump protected as well. You need something with some spare space in witha zip and i'm not sure there is anything. Do you have a bath or shower?
I wonder who is changing the dressing too - perhaps you could co-ordinate with them that they take it off (or you take it off?) and come back later after your ablutions. Maybe you have to have a strip wash for a while.
Sorry to hear of your ills. Website
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Thanks bednobs.

Ideally, I DO want any old cast protector, but with a ZIP!

Honestly, that would change a 45-minute ‘donning’ session into a 3 minute one.

Still, if they don’t exist, so be it.

Your other ideas are difficult with one leg!

But as usual, many many thanks for trying. are showing an outdoor cast protector with zip and covering over zip for £22.90
It comes in three sizes black. Sandal shown in picture not included
Allen - she must be really uncomfortable. As I'm sure you are.
what about a bin bag?
Excuse me interrupting Allan ( I can’t help with your issue) I’m sorry to hear you and Mrs. are finding life quite hard , health wise at the moment. I wondered what if any support you are both receiving ?
another think that just occurred to me is do you have a local "disability" shop? Actually ringing a shop and asking a real person may result in a better outcome?
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Healthcare say no it’s not a cast protector.

Anne. Hello. District nurse is about it.

Bednobs. Bin bag could be the easy answer!
If you go for bin bag get the heaviest possible and I would use 2 to be safe
Allan, would you and Mrs be open to further support ?
Question Author
Anne. Well, of course - but Brent don’t do meals-on-wheels anymore, so it’s takeaways only.

Up until a fortnight ago, we helped each other. All of a sudden, that is v difficult.

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Zip-Up Cast Protector

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