What Kind Of Communication Do Doctors And Pharmacy Have?

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ummmm | 14:05 Wed 28th Apr 2021 | Body & Soul
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I have a repeat prescription, I just pop it into the doctors and they send it to the pharmacy.

According to the pharmacy they haven't had anything from me since January. Weird as I've picked up Jan, Feb and Mar meds.

To top it off my GP is closed for training.


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The surgery to pharmacy prescription thing is electronic. My mate gets hers that way and her set up is that she gets so many repeat prescriptions before she has to talk to the doc herself. Most of the time the pharmacy contacts the doc and requests a repeat prescription, the doc agrees it and the pharmacy post the med to my sis. in normal circs she sees the doc six monthly for the prescription to continue and has a blood test but under covid arrangements, she had a phone consultation instead and no blood test.
I do wonder if one of the outcomes of covid will be less "routine checking" of otherwise healthy people?
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We get a repeat form with our meds. Fill it in and post it in the prescription box at the doctors, they then send it electronically to the pharmacy (same site)

To say I haven't dropped off a prescription since January is utter botox. I get them every month without fail. My kids pick them up for me...and I pay by DD. I'm not going to pay for meds I'm not taking.

I'm annoyed, I'm gonna start feeling like rubbish soon.
I understand the question but why are you asking if you are getting the meds you require? And why aren't you taking them?

GPs only usually close 1 day at a time for training.
Dave, I'm assuming that in ummmm saying she's not taking the meds, she means she doesn't HAVE them to take.
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I do take my meds. It's the pharmacy who said they haven't had a prescription from me since January even though I've picked them up each month.

How can I be picking up medication without a prescription?
You can't - the pharmacy are mistaken!
My pharmacy keeps reissuing my blood pressure tablets automatically. I think they only need a renewal from the doctor every six months, and they arrange that too.

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What Kind Of Communication Do Doctors And Pharmacy Have?

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