Morphine, Paracetamol Or Ibuprofen Gel

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Barquentine | 20:30 Mon 26th Apr 2021 | Body & Soul
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Father-in-law is very weak an confined to bed now. His left arm has been aching since he got back from a hospital stay one week ago. There was bruising on inside of arm opposite elbow which nurse said was the intravenous drip needles. I rubbed ibuprofen gel on which relieved the paid. Since then his upper arm and shoulder also hurt increasingly. A District Nurse said she thought it would be muscular pain, but only to give him paracetamol and not the gel. Last year he was having morphine tablets and sometimes a couple of drops of morphine liquid on his tongue - that was before he has his chemo which he has now finished. My question is - am I right to say we should rub the gel on his arm and if that doesn't work a couple of drops of morphine, or is the nurse right that he should only have paracetamol? Wife and her dad have a phone appointment Thursday with consultant so she will ask then, but he's been in paid for a week now.


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First of all, I am not qualified.

In your position, he is 85 now bed bound and in pain - I'd do what was necessary to relieve that pain until you can speak to the GP.
Mamy above has said it all and I agree.
If the gel and or the analgesics don't relueve the pain, then don't hesitate to give the morphine drops.
As a carer, we can't give anything not directly prescribed at the time, so please be careful- particularly with controlled drugs. I would speak to the GP asap and make sure he/ she agrees... so you don't get in trouble yourself.
also an open bottle of oroamorph shouldnt be used after 90 days
id also try parats - no point dismissing it if it'snot been tried.
You can't use oramorph when discontinued, anyway.
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Thanks everyone. Yes- wife aware of 90 day expiry for the liquid morphine. Wife says she has to do in stages - first paracetamol (which he doesn't like taking - difficult to swallow) then morphine if they don't work. She is following Macmillan (sorry, not district) nurse advice not to use ibuprofen gel but doesn't know why she said not to use gel - but FiL said it did work last week on his bruising - and I've used it for muscular pain and I find it better than paracetamol. Luckily, wife says she has 3 way call with consultant oncologist and Macmillan nurse tomorrow. I've been overruled for tonight. But I'm with Mamyalynne - there's no reason to stay in pain now he's got to this stage of things.
Banqueting, change to liquid Paracetomol? To put it bluntly- a relative can't overrule a nurse (legally) and a nurse can't overrule a doctor. In your position, I would ring 111 and just get a GP to authorise. Write down their name, date, time and instructions (I'm sure you realise that nowadays you have to do that with any PC or medications anyway). So, please cover yourself, and get him morphine x
I can't get paracetamol tablets over my neck but the caplets go down easily.
About 40p from Aldi.
Barquentine, sorry, arguing with autocorrect!
I cannot see what possible trouble you could land in by using a little gel and if it hives him relief then it's well worth it.

* gives him.
Gel is fine. I was referring to the morphine.
Douglas; If you can't swallow Paracetemol you can get them, as the French do, to go up the other end :0)

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Morphine, Paracetamol Or Ibuprofen Gel

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