Weird Blood Pressure

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jourdain2 | 21:01 Sun 25th Apr 2021 | Body & Soul
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I've not had any real blood pressure problem - hovers between 135/148 Sys. and 76/82 Di. usually but I recently had a cataract op.. I now know that that is nothing to worry about - but I didn't then and was somewhat worked-up. So they took my BP (192 and they wouldn't tell me) and gave me a cup of tea and left me alone and then it went down to c. 183/90. The surgeon wanted it lower so they gave me 2 Damazipan (is that how it's spelled?). Whee! I was yawning and wondering whether or not to opt for flying home (self-propelled) - they took BP again --- it had gone up! Higher than before. Somewhat flummoxed nurses.

I was told years ago by dentists that I over-produce adrenalin, is that the cause? Last week I bought a home wrist-kit which is consistently giving me morning levels of 130s/76-ish. Baffled. Is it the adrenalin? G.P. not particularly worried, says we'll talk about it.


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BP can vary a lot. Often higher in the morning. Interestingly, I found that BP in the evening, especially after a well-'watered' meal, was much lower and quite 'normal'. Always higher at the surgery, usually lower at home, although usually takes a fifteen minute session of measuring and relaxing to bring it down. Lots of mind-body interplay.
I have weird BP too. It took the medics years to just accept that just the way it was (mines very low)
Blood pressure going up, when medication should be taking it down, isn't unusual in my opinion. When I was due to have an op, my BP was around 150/90, so I was given Amlodipine to lower it. A few hours after taking the first dose, I checked my blood pressure, hoping that it might have gone down. It was 230/107!

130-something, over 76-ish, doesn't seem too worrying to me. The systolic figure is only slightly elevated, while the diastolic one is normal. I've just checked my own blood pressure and, after initially being told that I'm dead ("No pulse detected"), I see that it's 144/76 (which is consistent with my other recent readings). While I'll probably mention it to my GP at some time, I not exactly panicking over it. The consensus of opinion seems to be that a slightly elevated systolic reading probably isn't much to worry about if the diastolic one stays around where it should be.
Perhaps it’s White Coat Syndrome. My daughter gets that.
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Thanks all. Nice to know that I'm not alone - just that the medics tend not to believe me!

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Weird Blood Pressure

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