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HFJL2020 | 18:11 Sat 24th Apr 2021 | Body & Soul
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now that pubs are open how much is a pint of beer


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depends where you live & what sort of pubs you frequent!
I would say between 3 & 6 quid - average about 4 quid.
£7 a pint according to some newspapers. As said, very much depends where you live and the type of pub - a back street boozer is usually much cheaper than a city centre hipster bar
How much would a shot of whisky, brandy, or grey goose cost ?.

You owe us for six months since you were in - 4 pints at 3.25 = £13. With interest @20% per month, that's £58.23 before handling charges. It's Anthony Salerno reincarnated.
I’ll let you know next week..
Currently, the ABV of a beer is often a remarkably good guide to its price, simply by reading the percentage figure as if it was an amount in pounds.

So 'ordinary' bitters, with ABV values ranging from 3.5% to 4.0%, might typically cost between £3.50 and £4.00. Premium lagers, with ABVs around 5.0%, tend to cost closer to £5.00.

However prices in some parts of the country of the country can be significantly higher. See my second post here, from just 12 days ago, for examples of prices in one of my favourite pubs in central London:

Prices in J D Wetherspoon pubs can be quite a lot lower though.
Chris - I had no idea that AB Valued beers - now why does the Ed want advertising revenue when he/she has a sideline in assessing ales?
If you'd read through many of the conversations I have had on here with Tonyav, DTC, you'd have realised that we two have been evaluating beers on behalf of AB for years ;-)
well most boozers in brum are twice the price of wetherspoons.
He's just too stingy to pay for a car wash, DTC ;-)
our local was average 5.50 a pint, but now that they have been closed for much of the year, in all likelyhood that's now gone up.

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