Happy Good Friday

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Paigntonian | 23:15 Fri 02nd Apr 2021 | Body & Soul
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to the believers and non-believers.


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Happy Good Friday to you too ✤
All Fridays are good, unless you work weekends in which case Friday is just another day, a blip in the continuum not even registering with the man who just wants it DONE, and no, we don't pay extra for bank holidays.
Jesus didn't work in a bank, or Cadbury World.

Happy Easter. :-)
Bit late, innit?
It's still Friday here.
You too x double pay anyway.
As a 'valued contractor' to an American multinational dishing out bread and cheese in various guises for exorbitant amounts of cash to those too daft to nip to the supermrket before they start drinking, Pixie:


Double time? That's Commie thinking. :-)
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Thanks, guys. Can't enjoy church tomorrow (Covid) But liking TVLourdes. Usual Mass times are posted. Give it a try.
Well, I get(over) double. That's enough for me lol.
Don't take this as an unkind reply Paigntonian but you do know that we have a Religion & Spirituality topic.
/// ... a Religion & Spirituality topic.... ///

... and you can locate it as a sub-category of Society and Culture

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Happy Good Friday

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