Why Ban Sunbathing?

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lynbrown | 08:53 Thu 01st Apr 2021 | Body & Soul
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My antibiotic has a notice on the box saying, No sun beds/sun bathing and no indigestion tablets. What harm will they do?


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Certain antibiotics sensitises your skin to sun exposure, exacerbating the effects of sunburn.
i did this one time, had certain medication, and was out in the sun nd got burnt though i wasn't out there too long. I tend to check now.
Sorry.? is not supposed to take antibiotics with antacids as it reduces the antibiotics effect.
I don't believe it makes any difference at all.
And the indigestion tablets can affect the drug getting to your system.
drug induced photosensitivity
lots on the internet.

seen with some plants ( phyto photo dermatitis ) cucurbitae I think
skin + veg juice + sunlight in that order

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Why Ban Sunbathing?

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