Vaccine - Is Anyone Undecided?

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eve1974 | 23:11 Mon 29th Mar 2021 | Body & Soul
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those of you who've not yet been offered and / or are not yet eligible... ae any of you undecided as to whether or notyof will have the ab?
Im not yet eligible (46yo no co morbidities) It just feels weird to put a vaccine into my body when I am healthy with a good (as far as I know it) immune system. Ps I do get the need for those who are vulnerable to have it (my husb is cons vulnerable and had his a month ago)


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Eve, I felt just like you about vaccines. I’ve been eligible for a flu jab for quite a few years but only had it last year because of the Covid outbreak. I’ve now had both my Covid vaccinations and despite my earlier reservations, I’m glad I have. I did it to protect myself, a husband who is in the extremely vulnerable category and others in the general population.
09:13 Tue 30th Mar 2021
To me, the unvaccinated are taking a risk. But there are some will argue, so are the vaccinated.
Bit like Russian roulette.
I've had my first so perhaps I shouldn't be answering this - however your comments don't stack up.

We put vaccines into healthy babies don't we?
I'm sure many of the 126,000 plus who have died considered they had a good immune system.
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pretty soon I will be offered it and I will need to make the choice. as im aged 40 - 50 I shld be offered in in April. Im not anti vaccine in general but I just am unsure as to the covid jab

. I understand the need to protect the vulnerable but I just dont like the idea of injecting something into my system that I dont believe I need, and....I not sure about any long term effects of the jab (tho I might have been watching too much of brandnewtube)

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We put vaccines into healthy babies don't we?//. good point mamy! hadn't thought of that before.
Eve, have you had a MMR jab??
// But there are some will argue, so are the vaccinated.//

I dont see why people think vaccination carries a risk - we have now got the case fatality ratio of covid down to around 1% - so that in 14 m covid infections around 140 000 would die and in 14 m vaccinations - no one has

it really is a no brainer.
Have had my 1st got a text yesterday saying the NHS will tell me when
As your husband is vulnerable then I think there's even more reason for you to consider it Eve.

My partner caught Covid in hospital, she's still there
You might catch the virus, have no symptoms but then infect others.
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Sharon yes I have -tho of course that was my parents choice as I was just a wee kiddie. Like I said im not anti vax in general. Im just unsure about the covid jab.
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@corby //You might catch the virus, have no symptoms but then infect others.///

that is indeed something that is weighing on my mind and may sway me to have it.

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Tony /
My partner caught Covid in hospital, she's still there//

I am very sorry (not just platitudes!) to hear that. I do know what it's like to have loved one in hospital long term (and that was in pre covid days when I cld still visit him every day)
prevention is better than cure ... and vaccines are prevention, not cure, which is why you have them when you're healthy. Too late to give you a vaccination when you're already caught the disease you could have been inoculated against.
My brother's wife caught Covid in hospital, she's not there now. She died.
It's ok eve Jen went into hospital for something unrelated but finding it difficult not to be able to visit.
Cheers lb that's really cheered me up
She died 2 days after catching it Tony. Sounds as if Jen's doing a lot better.
Yes lb but on oxygen at the moment

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Vaccine - Is Anyone Undecided?

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