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DTCwordfan | 11:59 Tue 23rd Mar 2021 | Body & Soul
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There's a medical term for when one's muscles go weak and soft temporarily so, such as in reaction to a medication. I believe that it's not 'atrophyism' as, to me, that implies wastage and long-term loss of muscle strength. I'm writing something and the proper term would help describe the condition.....

Thanks in advance to Sqad or anyone else who would know the term.....


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Atrophysm relates to wasting and hardly appropriate for your example.
The nearest term that comes to mind is myasthenia or myasthenia.
LOL...or myasthenic
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thanks - that's it!

My best, DTC
I bow to the learned Sqad over this, but I just wonder from the OP's first sentence if rhabdomyolosis might fit the bill. Its bandied about a great deal nowadays in the context of statin side-effects so would indeed be a "reaction to a medication".

I think a little more information would help here.
prof....rabdomyolysis is permanent, irreversible and the OPer describes a " temporary" condition of the muscles.
not sure but thanks for sharing.
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thanks all, Sqad has the word I needed, the emphasis temporary.....back to the writing!

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