Housemate Breaking Lockdown Rules...

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DonaldDuck92 | 20:14 Mon 22nd Mar 2021 | Body & Soul
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So, my housemate who works in a care home hasn't been the most diligent in applying to the restrictions during the Pandemic. She's only just had the vaccine last week after turning it down multiple times previously.

She's gone to her sisters house for dinner, paid visits to a 'friend' with benefits and now she's announced that she's travelling from c.London to Felixstowe for a long weekend to visit a friend- justification is that she hasn't seen her in a year and needs a break.

Conversely, the other two of us who live in the house have been home since September.

How would you handle this? Say nothing and bite your tongue? She knows that she shouldn't be doing it. It's very frustrating to see people flouting the rules. Maybe I'm just being a grouch...


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I'm really surprised that the care home allowed her to continue to work there after refusing the vaccine!
Theres a fair proportion of care home workers, mainly the BAME woman worried about fertility and mistrust of white establishment who are undecided about or anti the vaccine so care home managers cant afford to risk losing so many staff, and there are legal issues.
Its frustrating but if your housemate knows and know's you know theres not much you can do. I see neighbours who do the same have friends round several times a week for meals/drinks and go out in cars together but theres not much you can do unless your prepared to report them.
Just look after yourself and tell her she cant touch your things or come in your room without a mask if your worried

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Housemate Breaking Lockdown Rules...

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