Nhk World Phone Of The Wind.

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malagabob | 10:38 Thu 11th Mar 2021 | Body & Soul
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I enjoy tuning to this channel sometimes. A few days ago there was a short documentary called “Phone of the Wind “ was very moving. A unconnected telephone box was constructed in the garden of a man for his own use ,to talk to a family member lost in the tsunami. Others heard of this box and now many come to use it to talk to lost ones. The fishing village where this box is, lost 800 people. An additional 400 have never been found.


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Such a beautifully simple idea that has obviously brought deep and meaningful solace to so many.

Thank you Bob x
A lovely & moving clip, thanks Bob :-)
I can't watch clips, but the idea brought tears to my eyes!
What a beautiful idea, thank you for sharing that

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Nhk World Phone Of The Wind.

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