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gordiescotland1 | 23:02 Tue 02nd Mar 2021 | Body & Soul
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Hi just to say I had the Pfizer vaccine on Saturday being a type 2 diabetic I was offered the Covid-19 vaccination and immediately took it. I had no side effects apart from a very slight sore arm that lasted 24 hours. I will get a call in about 12 weeks for the second dose. Feeling relieved that in 3-4 weeks I will have quite a bit of immunity


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Well done Gordie, a step nearer.
Well played.
It's odd that you've not already been given a date for your second jab. When I booked my first jab online, I was offered a choice of dates for the second one too, with an 11 week gap between them. (I've actually got a 10 week gap though, as my initial appointment, three weeks ago was put back a week due to the snow).
Not everyone gets a date there and then for their second - I didn't, was told I'd get a text the same as I did for the first.
In our family and friends circle, I’m the only one who was given the date for the second jab when I had my first. Everyone else has to wait to be contacted.
I was given the appointment for my second jab when I attended for the first one. My wife, at the same venue 3 weeks after me (organised by a group of GPs) was told she'd be sent the appointment for her second jab in a few weeks. Three friends with a different GP were asked to go online to book their appointments and HAD to book both at the same time ie, choose both and then book. This caused problems as they found a first appointment and, by the time they'd found a second one the first one was no longer available. It took several attempts before they could book a pair.
Good - actually it is about a week.
very pleased to hear this

cant understand why people refuse - loook at France or germany - up to 20% re refusing because macron said it was crap - and what does HE know about it for chrissakes
As I understand it, there are two vaccination streams (I have said this before) One is where you are invited by your GP practice. You may not go to their premises for the jab but that stream is organised by the GP's who staff the vac centre, employ the extra staff and so on. In this case you don't get both appointments at once.
If you go down the national stream, you book online, either after getting a letter or because you have been told that you are in a group who can book without getting a letter. The vaccination base and staff are employed and managed directly by the NHS and they are using pharmacies, mega hubs and hospitals. You book both vaccinations at once.
I live in an area with a very high percentage of frail elderly and my local GP group who have ganged up to provide the jab service have asked us healthy old farts to use the NHS stream to get vaccine so they can concentrate on the frailer folk. Wherever you get the jab "tells" the other lot so I can see my vac details on my GP record.
Good for you Gordie, glad you've got some protection now.

After religiously following the NHS instructions and not ringing my local surgery, I finally called them today and asked when I could expect my first jab.

They said they couldn't do it at the moment because they were running second-jab sessions, but as soon as they ran another first-jab session they would call me in (implying the doses are different). The nearest I could get for a forecast was "soon". Their reason for my not being called earlier was I wasn't answering my telephone quickly enough - showing a real understanding of old people's problems. And of course I couldn't ring back as they use "number withheld" so I assumed spammers. They did promise to put a note on my record to "let the phone ring for longer" so hopefully it will all be put right eventually.

I am 78. I am unable to attend the nearest community sessions as they are too far away and I have no transport. So solitary confinement continues - not a problem as I'm institutionalised now.
Oh Canary, thats no good but I'm pleased they've added a note to your record to leave the phone to ring. Hopefully it eont be much longer.

Good to hear you're OK Gordie, and feeling protected.

I have a dilemma. The vaccine seems to have run out here. They are no online slots available in my region, but if I want to drive 50 miles I could have the vaccination next week. The decision is whether I wait for one of the local venues to come back on stream, or go halfway across the next county for the vaccination?
If I do, will I have to go there again in 12 weeks time?

If you book through the online NHS system yes you will book to go back to the same place. I understand there is currently a dip in vaccine provision that is expected to speed up again over the next week or so.
Canary, that is a pain in the bum. I think the logistical issues around 2nd vac is that there is a short window to do them as nobody should go past the 12 week mark but they can't be done too early either; also of course it has to be the same vaccine as the first dose.
In that case I might hold off for a week or so and see what develops. 50 miles isnt that far in the scheme of things, but its a good 2 hours on single carriage roads and to a very unfamiliar destination.
Maydup, keep an eye on the booking website. I looked at what was round here for my older sister when she got her letter and the nearest hub was a good way away. In the event her GP invited her. Around 2 weeks later I got my letter and checked the website again and found that a new hub had opened up in a much more convenient location. I think that now they are getting to the bulk of the population, new hubs will be opening everywhere.
I was contacted by the NHS and so booked both appointments but had to travel to a pharmacy (about 5 miles) to get it. My husband was contacted by the doctor and was given one appointment and that was just down the road from us.
Of for my first one this evening, around 6 miles away.
I was told 2nd jab in 12 weeks but not given an actual date.
I'll find out later, got my first jab this evening.
I'm going for my covid vaccine this afternoon slightly nervous.
you will be fine

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Pfizer Jab On Saturday

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