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Sammyjo1207 | 11:43 Sun 28th Feb 2021 | Body & Soul
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Hi has anyone had a hang nail at the side of their finger before, how did you get rid of it, I got tea tree oil yesterday to use.


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keep it covered and let it grow out. Salt water rinse if it gets red and sore.
It's enough to make you weep. I agree, put a plaster over it.
amazes me how such a tiny slither of skin can be so painful . . .

I let it grow a little then put my hand in hot water until the skin is soft and then I use a pair of good curved nail scissors and cut it off. Works for me. Annoying painful little things they are!
I agree with ladybirds.
ladybirder lol
nail clippers
and put the jaw around the skin flap and clip it off

clearly you need nail clippers

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