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Paigntonian | 23:59 Fri 26th Feb 2021 | Body & Soul
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charmingly doing a Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square. Life-enhancing.


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Thanks for reminding me of that recording, Paigntonian. I've heard it many times before but not for quite a while.

It proves that, if you can't really 'sing' a number, it's possible to 'act' it and still produce a great result. (Richard Harris did much the same in Camelot, as did Rex Harrison in My Fair Lady).
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Buen: Quite right. In a way it's more charming, comes across as somehow more sincere.
Not to mention Telly Savalas!
You need a certain type of expressive voice to do a musical recitation and he certainly had that.
"A Hard Days Night" by Peter Sellers springs to mind.
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Just remembered Judi Dench and Send in the Clowns. Albert Hall. On UTube. Awesome.
>>> Not to mention Telly Savalas!

. . . and Lee Marvin ;-)
....or how not to do it: this version of Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds by William Shatner

Helping Paigntonian out:

Brainiac: I refuse to listen to that Shatner recording. I've heard it before and once in a lifetime is enough!

However Radio 4 listeners were subjected to it in 2003, when George Clooney chose it as one of his Desert Island Discs. The reason he gave was "If you listen to this song, you will hollow out your own leg and make a canoe out of it to get off this island" ;-)
I would say Judi Dench is actually singing .

Well - part of the time ?
I like all of those except William Shattered.
Richard Harris 'Macarthur Park' is another one
Macarthur Park is a song that makes me want to tear my brain out, Kwillmott!
I know what you mean. I have been told that many times in the past. Most people don't like and switch off!
Many years ago, the local commercial radio station in Ipswich was doing a charity fund-raising event. They threatened to play Macarthur Park unless their listeners' pledges reached a ridiculously large sum of money. They reached their target very quickly ;-)
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Buen: Sorry old chap. Useless with tech. Still got my em rule for subbing.
William Shatner's version of Common People by Pulp is absolutely brilliant.
It's interesting how many people who say they can't sing can make a very pleasant recording anyway. Much more pleasing than a singer who really shouldn't be singing.
I have always loved him as an actor, mainly because he reminds me so much of my father.

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Came Across John Le Mesurier

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