Feeling Nausious At Same Time

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lynbrown | 14:55 Thu 18th Feb 2021 | Body & Soul
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I have a bit of a delicate stomach and been told I have erosive gastritis. I can go for a couple of weeks feeling OK then out of the blue, I start to feel sick about 4.30 each day. I have lunch at 1pm so usually feel like a cuppa and a biscuit by late afternoon. The feeling of nausea starts then and by 6pm I feel so bad I cannot face my evening meal. By 9pm apporx, the feeling has calmed down and i can face a bit of toast. Ive racked my brains but cannot discover why I feel sick at this time.


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How long has it been going on for?
No idea except that it is no big deal.
You are a Type 2 diabetic and also hypertensive but as you take your medications in the morning, then that cannot be a factor.
Also a low blood sugar is exceedingly unlikely.
This erosive gastritis, what are your symptoms and who made the diagnosis?
Do you have milk with your tea or coffee? Might be worth trying without, as it prolongs nausea or dodgy tummy.
no swollen abdomen? Do you get full quickly?
bednobs is thinking of gall bladder problem........a thought.
not really sqad
LOL....Oh! then I take your cigar back?

So what are you thinking of?
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i sqad, I have had this happening for about 3 years. I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy at that time and both found nothing sinister. The written report on colonoscopy stated it found erosive gastritis but noone discussed this or followed up. I read online it could be Im needing something to eat ( more than a cuppa and bic) so had some soup an hour ago. All well at the moment. Than you to all the repliers, always a comfort to read these pages.
Hope you’re feeling a bit better. Xx

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Feeling Nausious At Same Time

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