Covid Vaccine In Your Leg.

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nicelander | 17:11 Sun 14th Feb 2021 | Body & Soul
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Are you able to have the Covid 19 vaccine in your leg or bottom?
The only reason why I ask is that I have heard the arm can feel extremely dead 12 hours after a jab and I use both whilst working. My legs and bottom I do not.


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Shouldn't be a problem.
Just imagine if it was a drive through vacinnation centre lol
the injection is IM (intra-muscular) and therefore can be in theory given into any muscle. However, whether your vaccination centre will allow you to undress is another matter
If the arm feels dead, why would it be better to have your leg feel dead?
I haven't heard of people having an extremely dead arm.

Some say it's a little sore.
"the arm can feel extremely dead 12 hours"

Don't think you would have a problem moving it.
Why make a song and dance out this, any reasonable medical attendant would comply.
yes you can
no I wdnt

dont be a wuss, and follow the rules

Hep B wh I agree is completely unrelated, so many doses have been given they HAVE done a trial and the result (*)

I think deltoid wins.
actually I dont care(*)

God PP do you spent all your time on the jarn reading the soviet journal for vaccinology 1895-1900 and other such bum fodder?
yes I do ( the alternative is AB and the usual suspects - no no down, bad boy bad puppy!)

(*) I like vaccines but I dont like vaccines where 14 000 000 have had them, to wit the deltoid, I want half the dose in one eyelid - the one that droops and the other one lower down in the other organ that droops a lot - and then I will be happy. Die ffrom Covid dont be stupid, only five of my neighbours are dead and good riddance I say!
jesus only on AB
// "the arm can feel extremely dead 12 hours"
isnt this better than the whole of you being dead for the rest of eternity

no some 'thinker' on AB will say: no it isnt!
had jab yesterday no dead arm did decide to ask for right arm as left handed with mouse and sleep on left side. but def no probs
// I haven't heard of people having an extremely dead arm.//
wdnt that be because with an extremely dead arm, the rest of them are usually extremely dead as well?
and as we know, the dead hardly every speak from the grave ?
See what I mean when I say "song and dance?"
and as we know, the extremely dead hardly every speak from the grave

I mean
Goodness nicelander is only asking if you can have the jab somewhere other than your arm, perfectly legitimate and interesting question and in the right category, not saying they don't want it and would rather be dead or any other negative for the self-appointed AB Covid prefects to jump on and ridicule.
Exactly prudie......I just don't know why people use this section of AB as a sensible, considerate ,simple answer ierarely forthcoming.
Nicelander, having it in your arm doesn't really restrict any movement, a little tender where it went in but no dead arm effect here
I am all for free choice - where would sir like it? in the cheek, or under the finger nail

but it is not free is it? there is evidence in one vaccine that place does vary response - which I have to say absolutely astounded me when I first read it
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Some people get a dead arm and others dont; so if you need to work the next day using both arms, its a perfectly sensible precaution to have the vaccination in your thigh for example.

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Covid Vaccine In Your Leg.

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