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CW1 | 15:51 Sat 13th Feb 2021 | Body & Soul
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Yesterday was urged to go to A&E by my GP as blood tests have shown my calcium levels are high (over 3), to be hooked up to an IV drip as he said I needed fluids quickly. Ironic really as it didn't work ("hollowed" ?) & I could've downed a lot of fluid had I been home for the 5 or 6 hrs I was at the hospital *doh* I do drink a fair amount anyway, always in the loo.

It's thought I've an overactive parathyroid (take Thyroxine for underactive thyroid), waiting for an ultrasound.

Seems it may've started a few years ago but last year (while dieting), I started having whey protein with my breakfast cereal, occasionally with a protein yoghurt too. Could that have contributed ? As it happens I'm not using that now, changed to a soya based protein powder. Have been told to stop taking multi vitamins too.

Last December found I had kidney stones too, obviously (?) caused by this excess calcium, main one to be lasered in a month or two.

Doctor at the hospital wasn't particularly forthcoming when I was concerned after him telling me calcium was being taken from my bones, said I need to speak to an endocrinologist (tba) but meantime, won't my calcium levels keep rising ? Went up by 0.11 in 2 days, 3 days ago.


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Your heading is misleading, hypoglycaemia is too little calcium in the blood whereas you have too much..hypecalcaemia.
Many causes,but a benign tumour ofthe parathyroid glands is by far the commonest followed by the bones "leaking" calcium.
Yes taking too much vitamin particularly Vit D can cause this.
You will need more blood tests, a total body scan and a chest X-ray.
Thats all I can say atthe moment.
Question Author
Oops, I stand corrected.
Have been told to have more blood tests, did have a chest x-ray (clear) & waiting on appt for ultrasound on parathyroid.
Have a phone appt with GP next week, no one mentioned a body scan so will ask about that.
Thanks sqad.
Think your autocorrect kicked in there Squad -"hypoglycaemia"?
Hypo is low
Hyper is high
Of anything
the not autocorrect so much as senility -;)

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