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roslyn251254 | 09:57 Wed 03rd Feb 2021 | Body & Soul
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Not my turn yet.....but apparently you don't get a certificate with your name on ....friends just seem to have a card with the date on , but not their name. How can you prove you've had it if you need to, when going abroad in the future if it's a requirement for travel?


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Its not a proof of anything. Its just a reminder about your second jab.
Am not sure there any plans to issue certificates as the conspiracy theorists and antivaxxers would see it as a step to compulsery vaxes
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.... so what do you do when the foreign country needs proof that you've had it?
My card has my name on and I also got a sticker !!
My card has my name and the date of the vaccination on it. It also has the type of vaccine and batch number.
Its not proof though unfortunatley margie.

You could allways buy a fake cert off the dark web roslyn.

Noone requires a proof of vaccinne yet do they? Thats surely some time off as most countries have hardly started vaxxing and in UK its mainly the over 80s who dont travel abroad much anyway
I didn't say it was proof, I was just saying I had my name on it.
didnt say you did a was just building on yours but never mind.
Oh fgs I'm not goin to carry on with you didn't/I didn't! I couldn't care less whether the card is proof or not.

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Covid Vaccine

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