Covid And Visitors

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DarceyK123 | 23:40 Wed 20th Jan 2021 | Body & Soul
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My Mum who's 84 was admitted to hospital on Saturday with Covid pneumonia.
Ive spoken to her everyday on the phone and she seems ok but a little upset, begging me to take her home which obviously i cant.

Today the hospital have told me i can visit which i didnt think was alliwed but i jumped at the chance and am going tomorrow.

I thought this was a good sign but my brother has said maybe its because they know she's not coming home, im even more worried now.


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Which hospital is it? (They all seem to have slightly different policies).
I'm sad to say this but I fear your brother may well be right.
Some hospitals appear to be allowing visitors and some not. It may be that this one does and that your mum is able to have a visit. If her condition/prognosis is poor I would have expected the ward sister would have advised you of this. Hopefully all will be well
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Thank you, yes hopefully i will be able to see for myself tomorrow but i dont think i will get a lot of sleep tonight.
It's understandable to fear the worst but I hope for a better outcome than you think, make the most of your visit.
I went to see my partners mother last week in similar circumstances at Broadgreen.
I had to wear full ppe and while not wanting to be a harbinger it was because it would be the last chance to do so.
I offered to go because my partner and her daughter were both Covid positive at the time so were not allowed. I had to take all the family goodbye messages on my phone so again I hope you do not have a similar outcome but it may be something to bear in mind.
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Thanks for your messages, i keep swinging from one to the other. She seems ok and told me off for sending in the wrong nighty so she must have some fight left, shes on oxygen but not a ventilator. But she is an old lady whos obviously quite ill.
The very fact that she is able to talk to you over the phone and scold you at the same time is a positive thing.
Thinking of you and your Mum today Darcey.

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Covid And Visitors

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