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teacake44 | 11:58 Wed 20th Jan 2021 | Body & Soul
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Confused or I've missed some news. The Pfizer jab is reported to be slowing down due to the Pfizer factory being re-organised for better output, whether this be true or not? My question really is, what has happened to the other 2 vaccines that have been passed and available.?


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Try this teacake44:
16:48 Thu 21st Jan 2021
they are available and being used

I went to a weeny centre yesterday - 7 pods with 10 min slots and two shifts - so that is 42 pts/h and 250 per day ( 2 shifts)

the mega centres are much bigger - and it doesnt surprise me they have done 4 m already. - there was one family on tee vee yesterday who got it 2 d after jabbing - and they just got covid.
BUT no one died and no one reqd ITU
so I wd call that a vaccination success

the Beeb bit of fluff wivva sociology degree (*) wasnt able to conclude anything and just went 'bleeeeuh'. Showing what I have said before: if the Beeb hacks dont understand it themselves, they cant explain it to us

(*) well OK not sociology, but it was in a useless -ology of some kind
they are in use TC, 2 friends of mine had the OAZ one this morning.
The Oxford one is in use. Moderna has been approved but we are yet to receive it as they need to up their supply as well.
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So in that case why are they saying on TV this morning that the number of daily vaccinations are falling due to the Pfizer production being slowed, if we have millions of the others.?
Who told you they were available? The 17 million doses of the Moderna vaccine will not be available until Spring and right now, I can't even provide a month. They are not even in the UK. A very small quantity is in UK research labs for research purposes on emerging variants and other stuff but that's it.

You seem sceptical teacake44, about the justification for slowing down the Pfizer rollout. I can tell you that the reasons provided are true with manufacturer undergoing massive restructuring in their plants in order to massively increase the roll out. Governments were made aware of the plan and agreed that it was necessary with the roll out being adjusted accordingly. Believe me, it made sense
theprof, I would like to thank you and all your colleagues for the splendid work you have done re the virus/vaccine. I am sure the research is ongoing, the light at the end of the tunnel is due to you scientist
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theprof 18.44. Of course I've become sceptical mainly due to the British government almost failing to meet any target that they have set themselves, or to meet any promise they have made in the past 12 months. Not to mention now nearly 100.000 deaths.

I'm now at the point of not believing anything I hear form any government minister. May be if they started to truthfully answer direct questions put to them by our journalists, people like myself wouldn't have to resort to looking for answer on here.
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And just to add to the above. Its interesting that you say the Moderna vaccine is in research labs for the purposes on emerging variants. The last I heard on the effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine against the new variant was that it should protect, should is not will, so are we being asked to take a vaccine that as no known protection against the new variant.
Ok let's look at what you've said here Teacake44. I'll not address the issues you've raised in your 20:19 post as they reflect your own personal feelings of what's going on. You may be right but others might disagree.

Now let's look at your 20:57 post. Stock samples of all vaccines are kept in laboratories for research purposes. SarsCoV19 is a vicious pathogen that has mutated many times. We believe that there are hundreds of variants in existence and the vaccines have to be tested on variants that arise in in any particular region. It's ongoing and just like the flu vaccine, Covid vaccines will need to be tweaked regularly. The Moderna vaccine's effectiveness against worldwide variants is being assessed constantly.

Your third sentence onwards discusses your views about the Pfizer vaccine. No one knows the level of protection it gives against new variants as yet. Annual flu vaccination gives theoretical 40% to about 70% protection against flu yet it's provided every year but can't be called 100% effective. The Pfizer vaccine is 95% effective after two doses. So let me ask you this: define effectiveness for me. What would you regard as an effective vaccine? Would it be the 40% or so of the flu or the 95% of the Pfizer. Is some protection better than none? Would you decline the vaccine because it may not meet your criteria for an "effective" vaccine?

The Pfizer vaccine is considered to be effective against the current variants in the UK. You cannot conclude that because we are not 100% certain about the effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine against new variants that you are being asked to take a vaccine that offers no known protection against the new variant. Our uncertainty does not mean that you can conclude it offers no known protection.

By now you will be aware that most viruses mutate constantly and produce variants. Vaccines are developed to try to overcome this feature of their behaviour, which means either new vaccines or tweaked vaccines will be needed. All will have different effectiveness figures. Don't get to bogged down with these figures. Just be thankful that they will provide protection no matter whether you are offered the Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna or other vaccines now or in the future.

I don't bang my drum very often here on AB but I can tell you that I've spent a fair bit of my time over the last year in laboratories with dedicated expert teams working around the clock in order to overcome this virus. The research has played a part in the development of the vaccines currently available. Don't let issues about effectiveness cloud you judgement over having the vaccines.
Thank you Rosetta. Comments like yours do make it feel worthwhile believe me. I'm hoping to be back home by the weekend!
theprof, I doubt distribution is in your brief and we just get what we're offered, but are there any medical reasons why one vaccine might be better than another? (Not necessarily for everyone; I'm thinking that for those with some medical condition there might be reasons for preferring one to the other.)
Yes Prof, bang the drum.
We are all so deeply indebted to you and the teams of unknown scientists who have worked a miracle.
I for one say a big thank you .
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^ hope someone gets rid of that spam.
//So in that case why are they saying on TV this morning that the number of daily vaccinations are falling due to the Pfizer production being slowed, if we have millions of the others.?//

If it was Piers Morgan saying it then remember he has an agenda and will look to make things look as bad as possable.

Vaccinations seem to be speeding up not falling. Yesterday was a record- over 340000 got there first jab. This doesn't count the number of second jabs given out.

If Pheizzer supplys are slowing down it may be affecting the rate at which people who of already had a pheizzer first jab get there second jab.

Hopefully the supplys of Oxford and Pheizzer keep up and the numbers can increase to nearer 500000 a day next week as its a race against time but probly too late for the ten thousand or so who are already on there way out and will sadly not be here by Febuary

Isn’t it nice to have someone who actually knows what the situation is to counter Teacakes usual putting down of everything the Govt do.

You’re a disgrace, Teacake, and have been shown up to be both disrespectful of the hard work people like TheProf are doing, as well as to those who are dead on their feet doing long shifts to vaccinate people.
ZM: "You’re a disgrace, Teacake, and have been shown up to be both disrespectful of the hard work people like TheProf are doing, as well as to those who are dead on their feet doing long shifts to vaccinate people. " - bang on, TC if you had an ounce of guts you'd give theprof BA.
Question Author
Zac and TTT making a mountain out of a mole hill yet again. Would you like to point out were I have been disrespectful or a disgrace in my perfectly normal OP question, or any other post I've made on this thread. Or have you just found your own excuse to shoot off?
this post, like most of your posts, is simply a thinly veiled attack on the efforts being made by thousands of exhausted people in this crisis, primarily to score political points.
Question Author
Were's the attack, its attack now then? were's the disrespect yet again. There is none there. Perfectly normal Question, perfectly normal answers from theprof. Only you'rs and Zacs (not ) normal.
/// point out were I have been disrespectful or a disgrace///

You don't share their views - to them that's disrespectful (and possibly anti-English too).

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