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jennyjoan | 11:04 Sun 10th Jan 2021 | Body & Soul
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If you are on Gizmonster - I would like to say that I am getting 2 back teeth removed on Wednesday. I am thinking maybe I shouldn't bother as there is just a dull ache and quite sensitive to cold, sugar. Would I be wise to hold on to them for as long as I could or go ahead and get them removed.


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Probably better to ask your dentist, as he'll be able to give you a full evaluation of whether the teeth are worth saving or not.
It also depends on where exactly the teeth are. I remember my back tooth on my upper jaw causing me discomfort a while ago and the dentist advised me to have it removed. I prefer to try and keep what I can, so I asked if it was really that bad and was it worthwhile trying to save it. When he told me that there was no tooth below it on the lower jaw and it wasn't biting down on anything apart from the gum, it was a no-brainer .... I had it removed.
Bottom line is, I'd talk to your dentist and it all depends on how much discomfort they're causing you.

How are you getting along with the implants by the way??
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The dentist has said the back (upper and lower) teeth are moving which is causing my discomfort. Of course he did suggest implants (now not hurriedly) - just giving me the options. Either that or dentures.

My implants will be in two years coming this April. But I don't think I could come it again for back molars that people can't see. Also I haven't been laughing too much lately LOL
To be honest, I personally wouldn't bother with implants if they're right at the very back .... and if the 2 are immediately below/above each other, then it probably wouldn't be noticed when you smile anyway.
In my opinion you've 2 options - keep them, or have them removed .... only you know how much discomfort they're causing you.
//the back (upper and lower) teeth are moving//

I hope they're going somewhere sunnier...

I've had lots of implants but I wouldn't bother with them for back teeth (do you mean wisdom teeth or the ones in front of them?) because they don't do a lot of chewing. But if they're hurting, well, no reason to keep them either, the discomfort is unlikely to go away.

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