A Front Crown On My Tooth Fell Off This Morning

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burlyshirley | 13:03 Thu 10th Dec 2020 | Body & Soul
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Have tried to get an appointment at my dentist's, but because I haven't been for over two years (bit scared of the dentist), they won't see me, nor will they re-register me because of, guess what, covid ! I was practically begging for them to give me an appointment and rang twice, but they wouldn't budge. I've been going to that practice for about 30 years now as well. I've been given an emergency number by another dentist, but so far, no answer. Has anybody else had this problem ? I can't bear the thought of going around like this with just a stump where my tooth should be until covid goes away.


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What an awful thing for them to do Burley, was it NHS or private? Most are private now ,
do you still have the crown? If so, you can but a temp kit from boots I think. I think it's just a case of ringing round. You might have more luck with private dentists I guess?
one of my family had this problem and they bought dental glue and stuck it on for now(it last a while then they have to redo it) because like you they don't class it as emergency .
look on the bright side - no one can see it behind your mask :)
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Ha! I thought that bednobs. I've thought about sticking it back on, but when it came off it was in two pieces, so I don't think I'd be able to do it.

Yes, it was disgusting of them wasn't it Bobbs, I was nearly crying, so no compassion there at all.

I'm hoping I'll get through to the no. I was given, but I have to leave it for now as I'm going out. Feel very down about this.
go around the dentists and say you will pay cash
I'd be more inclined to find more sympathetic denists and pay them my cash. Shabby treatment.
Look for a dentist online in your vicinity , ring them and ask if they'll help you
my dentist remove you from the books if you miss 2 6 month appointments
Are you anywhere near a dental hospital. If so and emergency clinic should be running.
Go private
in theory so do mine, mally, but there's a difference between not keeping appointments and not making them. Also, nobody should be penalised for not going during lockdowns.
I'm lucky my dentist doesn't do that. I'd not be able to stay with him. 6 months is too often, and one doesn't necessarily rush just as 12 passes. That said, I go more often to get stuff fixed, than I do for a regular check up. He makes enough out of me anyway.

Good luck with the emergency number. And yes, chemists do sell temporary fillings. I used one at the start of this cov nonsense to 'tide me over' when he wasn't available. They need redoing when bits fall away though.
My dentist can't be unique - they cancelled ALL 6 monthly check-ups this year. My OH has had a crown fall out and a gap since March, he can't get it fixed as it's not an emergency. I'm guessing my dentist will have had so much free time this year he'll never want to go back to work.
Prudie.....I doubt that as most dentists are private.
No work, no income.
We're obviously lucky with our NHS practice...we've both had check-ups and minor repairs about a month ago. (All the dentists are female).
shirley,look for a dental repair kit,,about a fiver,or micron superior,,about a tenner.they fixed mine
look on ebay,the micron is a bit more fiddley to use,but i'm told it is what dentists use
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Thank you for all your answers. I am indeed angry with my dentist for refusing to treat me because I haven't been for a couple of years. I've been told they can't do this by law, so I may try ringing them again tomorrow. I have an emergency number also which I have to ring at 8 a.m. tomorrow, so I hope I have some joy with that. tommy, I would struggle to stick the crown back on as it came away in two pieces.

Thank you all again.
Who told you they can't do this by law, they can take you off their books if you haven't been for a long time, you may be confused as they owe you a duty of care to see you if you are still a patient there, as for a dental hospital, most won't touch the crown on the emergency department (we won't in my hospital) you best bet is to ring round lots of dentists and offer to pay.

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A Front Crown On My Tooth Fell Off This Morning

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