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tinkerbell23 | 23:16 Tue 01st Dec 2020 | Body & Soul
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My baby box is coming tomorrow!

Free, courtesy of the Scottish Gov!

What do you think of it?

I think its great, especially for those who are tight on cash!!



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That’s fab and so thoughtful.
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Is there anything similar in England/Ireland/Wales? X
Hi, I’ve heard new mums say they doubt they would ever use anything from the box. The were all wrong. Must be a God send to the lesser well off parents . You keeping well tinks ?
This has been going for some time and I think it's a real boost for some families. Sure you'll put everything in it to good use tinks.
That's wonderful and as you say so helpful too.

I remember getting a bag of goodies when mine were born decades ago.
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The wee books & thermometer I will use!!

The clothes might not be to my personal taste & ill likely donate them if not, luckily I have that option!!

The box... I plan to keep memory stuff in!!

Closely monitored Anne thanks for asking- well apart from horrendous pelvic pain :0(

Self Refd to physio a month ago & bought a brace! Sadly due to covid, video calls only and not for another week!!

Is it subluxation ?
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Pelvic Girdle apparently!?

Not much that can be done but it soooooo painfull sometimes!!! X
Poor you .
>>> Is there anything similar in England/Ireland/Wales?

There's never been a national scheme in England but some NHS trusts have tried out the idea
That's so lovely, Tinks. I doubt I will have the opportunity to tell you if they do the same in Ireland! ;-)

Got nothing when I had my son in the UK. Do recall a few nice goodies from the hospital when the daughter was born in Canada. Not much but it did include a rectal thermometer. :-)
Good for the Scottish government, makes me proud :)
my, do they actually come with a baby in them like in the photo? Trust the Scots to invent a handy new means of delivery.

What a lovely idea.
Jno. A baby is optional.
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JNO that would be nice LOL!!!

Makes me proud too i think its fantastic!

Gness did you test the thermometer LOL!?

I know people are alot worse off Anne and after the last time I am not complaining! Lucky to be where I am.... just sore!

Been working from home since March aswell not sure how I would have been some days having to physically attend x
The Bounty Pack, Mamyalynne?

That's what preceded the government scheme up here.
Oh yes, Tinks. Carry it everywhere with me just in case....x
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Good read Buen thank you xx
How hotpants were discovered, apparently.
Yes Douglas, that was it - thank you.

I know in England there's a Grant for those on UC and Wales have rolled out Baby Bundles.

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