How Can Mum Get A Covid Test

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rowanwitch | 12:49 Mon 30th Nov 2020 | Body & Soul
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She has early dementia, won't be able to do a home test unsupervised or will just throw it in thebin, her method of dealing with anything she doesn't understand. As she has a new cough and had been to the local shops she should be tested and self isolate. My sister who is on immunotherapy can't go to supervise so neither can her husband
Mum won't allow anyone she doesn't know into her flat . I am in Birminghan, she is in london. any sensible ideas. I have told my sister to inform the gp, just to make them aware.


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Call 111 maybe they can advise how she can get someone to come and do the test. Or try Social Services
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She won't let a stranger into her flat, my sister tried 111 and they said the options were go for a test, or do a test at home
// I am in Birminghan, she is in london. //

for the reasons you've posted, a journey from Brum to London would be classed "essential".
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For reasons beyond my control I can't go, because I would need to travel home on public transport the same day, I would have stay to wait for the results. Even then I could only go home if she tested negative, I can't risk being trapped in London for 14 days I have a feeling it will be a case of wait and see if she becomes worse and rely on emergency services in that case. We have the additional complication that she would seem ok on assessment and refuse treatment as she is just waiting to die.
Does she have a neighbour that she trusts. They could take her for testing in a cab maybe.
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No, she has argued with her neighbours, blames them due to developing paranoia. It's a nightmare. She doesn't see why my sister won't come to visit and thinks we are plotting between us to get her put in a home. She presents too well for that, can wash and dress, and long food in the microwave so as far as care services are concerned there isn't a problem .
If Mum wont let anyone in, then it sounds like you will have to drive down and wear plenty of PPE. Its not really a favour you can ask of a neighbour?

Its probably a good time to make contact with the local services now, as it sounds as though you will be needing them a little bit in the future. Call the GP surgery and ask them how to access the Integrated Care Scheme for her area. You will need to insist that she needs support at home, even if she doesnt quite need it yet, but as she begins to need first level support for independent living or equipment, or befriending, she will be registered.

Sorry, I delayed pressing submit and have crossed with your post about public transport etc.

I think its best to see how things pan out. I hope its just a regular cough and nothing more serioud.
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I think that's all we can do, she has said it we contact the GP about her she will never contact us again. She is adamant she will not have anyone mention the D word as she thinks we are just saying she is getting confused to wind her up. GP not interested until she becomes a danger to herself
What a worry for you. For a chat and some advice about dealing with her attitude toward everyone, which is as a result of her dementia, try the NHS Admiral Nurses.

To talk to an Admiral Nurse, call the free Admiral Nurse Dementia Helpline on 0800 888 6678 or email [email protected]

The helpline is for carers, people with dementia, and health and social care professionals.
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Thanks for that, when this is all over I will try to organise something, Even if she never speaks to me again at least I will know she is sorted.
rowan its a bit drastic but the other thing you can do is phone her local social services and ask to speak to the vulnerable adult team. If they ask if you have her permission, explain that she is too unwell to give it.
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That's in reserve for later, but as I said when presented by strangers she presents well for a while, and will simply tell them we are trying to get h ers put away out of some imagined malice.
its an awful time :(
I think she'll just have to isolate for 1o days I cant really see what having the test result would change anyway
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It affects whether my sister and husband can support or not. If she is positive no, negative they will be able to check in on her, and take in shopping etc.

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How Can Mum Get A Covid Test

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